As the pandemic continues to make its presence known in the country, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) announced good news for those who wants to pursue a career in the STEM path. 

That’s right: DOST opened a scholarship program for students who want to try their hand in Science, Technology, Engineer, and Mathematics (STEM)—one of the strand choices when entering Grade 12. 

DOST’s Science Education Institute (SEI) declared the scholarship slots available for next year’s DOST-SEI S&T Undergraduate Scholarships for future Grade 12 pupils come school year 2020-2021 that plans to take up courses in line with STEM when enrollment in college comes next school year. 

Josette Biyo, the director of DOST-SEI, comments that this scholarship is an invitation to the Filipino youth to take a career related to STEM which could bring forth future scientists in a world where times are uncertain. 

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So, how will you be considered a candidate for this scholarship? The student has to be a natural-born Filipino, showcasing good moral character. Of course, he/she must also be in good health. 

This opportunity is available for students under the STEM strand, however non-STEM students may also join given they are part of the top 5% of their school’s graduating batch. 

Should the student belong to a family whose socio-economic status don’t meet the cut-off values for some standards; they may still apply for the RA 7687 program. There is also a Merit Scholarship Program up for application. 

To be privileged of this scholarship, the applicant must also pass the 2021 S&T Undergraduate Scholarships Examination as well as to enter in a Bachelor of Science college degree program—provided it is any of the prioritized field of study—at a college, state university, or any private higher education that is known and accepted by Commission on Higher Education as Center of Excellence or Center of Development. It is also possible that the campus has at least a FAAP Level III accreditation on their BS program which students can enroll to. 

You may visit SEI’s official website to check on the full list of requirements, priority programs, and other queries. Those who are interested to apply can do so online until August 28, 2020. Nationwide qualifying examination is scheduled on October 25, 2020.

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