Last Saturday, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) clarified that it would not abolish its online portal, the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS). Albeit, they are considering the removal of the online driving exam for those who want to renew their licenses.

As per LTO Chief Teofilo Guadiz, fixers are now using the Online Comprehensive Driver’s Education or CDE online validation exam as way to charge more money to applicants.


LTO said they already created a technical working group (TWG) last month to help solve the problem of fixers.

The LTO has tried to streamline and make the driver’s license and permit application process more online to eliminate. However, fixers still persist and are even forging driving school certificates, which are now a requirement when getting a student’s permit and driver’s license.

Moreover, the TWG is thinking of ways to ensure that the applicant attending the theoretical driving course and examinations is really them.

To address this, one feature the LTO is starting to develop is a facial recognition feature on the portal to confirm the applicant’s identity, which shall help put an end to the cheating.

Via: CNN Philippines

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