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Last November 11, the National Privacy Commission (NPC) said that they are conducting an investigation of the website “”

It appears that the website associates themselves with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) when they are actually not. In a statement, the LTO pointed out the website’s use of their logo might cause people to assume they are connected.

The probe will determine if the personal data of motorists registered to the LTO have been breached. This could be a big deal considering that over 12.7 million vehicles were registered with the LTO in 2019.

As per NPC chief Raymund E. Liboro, they will verify the incident, measure the extent of the possible damage it has caused to LTO data subjects, and figure out the best resolution to the problem.


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The flagship feature of ‘’ is its Motor Vehicle Authenticator. Users can type any vehicle file number to access sensitive information like the owner’s name, plate number, make, engine number, registration expiry date, and chassis number.

A couple of online users say that the data provided on the website was accurate, which leads everyone to suspect that there might have been a leak in the LTO database.

As of writing, the website is still live.

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