Smartphones nowadays have emerged from merely a communication tool to a multi-functional device. Gone were the days when our phones were only for sending messages and calls.

What’s even great now is that it can now do a lot of important tasks. For instance, our phone’s cameras have replaced the need for actual cameras. We can also use it in sending emails, social media or even watching videos. 

Unknown to many, some smartphones have features similar to that of a PC. Huawei smartphones specifically the Mate 20 and Mate 30 series have this feature. But if you don’t have a flagship handset, don’t fret. Most Huawei devices today actually have this feature, so just follow the steps below to see if your phone is supported.

Using your Huawei smartphone, you may wirelessly connect your device to a larger display through Easy Projection or Wireless Projection. The look and feel is actually close to that of a PC.

Are you curious on how to do it? Here are two easy steps to use Wireless Projection / Easy Projection in Huawei devices.

Huawei Wireless Projection tutorial


Step 1

You have to go to Settings, then press Device Connectivity. Afterwards, tap Easy Projection. 

Turn on Activate Wireless projection and wait for your phone to find a compatible device.


Step 2

Once the display list appears, connect your smartphone through Favorite Display. You need to accept the incoming connection request from the other screen.

If your smartphone is already connected to a screen, choose which projection mode you’ll prefer to use. You may select between Desktop or Phone Mode. 

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Huawei Desktop Mode

Using the Desktop Mode, you can turn your Huawei smartphone into an actual PC. You may open apps, change desktop wallpaper, or even manage files. Some apps like Youtube, Google Chrome or Gmail are already optimized for this mode. 

In this desktop PC mode, your smartphone becomes your touchpad. It serves as a tool to navigate the other screen. You may also connect OTG-powered (HID compliant) or bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your phone, quite similar to having a PC experience.


Moreover, you can use your Huawei phone and screen separately. You don’t need to worry when it comes to privacy because you can use your phone to do other tasks as it will not interrupt the screen.

Huawei Phone mode


In using Phone mode, you can directly project your phone’s screen in other displays whether it be your photos, videos, games or even presentations. Unlike the Desktop Mode, Phone Mode will exactly show how your Huawei device’s screen looks like. So, expect that the size and aspect ratio will not exactly fit.

That’s it. The steps are quite easy yet useful. So if you’re using Huawei smartphones with the Wireless Projection feature, go ahead and try it.

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