Quick and easy way to filter Facebook Ads


Isn’t it odd that the advertisements you see on your feed are almost 100% related to your interests? Like they’ve been monitoring the pages you visit and interact with?

I, for one, see advertisements and pages that are related to clothing, travel tours, and collectible toys. Pages and products I have not heard of at all just randomly appears in my feed, almost all of them are dedicated to clothes, traveling, and toys. Of course, it is beneficial for me since I get to see different stores within the country that suits what I’m looking for.

However, there are cases when the advertisements shown in the feed are irrelevant to what the Facebook user wants. Luckily, there is a way to check this and find out what Facebook “knows” about your personality and interests.

How to filter Facebook Ads

First, go to the downward-pointing arrowhead beside the question mark symbol, the button that you click when you want to log out. This is at the upper right side of the screen, together with the other Facebook icons.

Quick and Easy way to filter Facebook Ads

After clicking the arrowhead button, a menu tab will appear. Look for the “Settings” option and click on it. It comes before the “Log out” button and after the “News Feed Preferences”. Once you find it, click it and it will transfer you to a different page.

Remove Facebook Ads

Look at the menu tab located at the left side of the screen, there you will see the “Adverts” button. It is the one with the mini Facebook logo beside it. Click on that and you will be transferred to another page.

(For confidentiality, I covered my personal information.)

How to remove Facebook advertisements

Here you’ll find a couple of tabs that will allow you to modify your advert preferences. You can click on “Your Interests” (the one with the heart logo at the side) to see the information that was gathered by Facebook based on your interests. Once you click it, there will be another set of categories that shows what interests you. (Don’t expect it to be 100% accurate.)

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Facebook advertisement preferences - NoypiGeeks

You can edit this by hovering over it and clicking the “X” that appears on the upper right. If you have time to fully customize it, you’ll get an even accurate set of adverts that fits your actual interests.

Quick and Easy way to filter Facebook Ads 2

You can also check out the “Advertisers you’ve interacted with” panel which will show pages that whose ads you clicked on and viewed. Click on “Whose ads you’ve clicked” within this panel and it will show a list of the ads you’ve interacted it. They’re not necessarily a page that sells products, some of them may simply be community pages focused on games, cars, TV shows, and many more.

How to filter Facebook Ads - NoypiGeeks

As soon as you get this filtered, the adverts you see will be the ones you want. It might take time but it is better than seeing random and not-at-all interesting ads ruining your feed. Now, go and edit it so you get content that you actually want to see.

(NOTE: You can also change the information you want to share to Facebook by opening the other options in the menu.)


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