You’re already aware of this feature (that’s why you’re here) but is intimated to configure your WiFi settings as it looks difficult. But once you get around with it, hiding your PLDT WiFi network is actually quite easy and straightforward.

Hiding your WiFi network doesn’t mean that you have to physically switch off your router. No. It only means that, while it’s still up and running, it cannot be detected by a device’s standard WiFi settings as you have to input the WiFi name and password manually to connect to it.



Today, we’ll give you all the things you should know about hiding your PLDT WiFi. From why you should do it, to the full steps of hiding your network. Let’s begin.

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Why you should hide your WiFi Network?

There are a couple of reasons why you want to hide your WiFi network. For one, you want to keep your network safe from unauthorized users and hackers.

Or, you don’t want an annoying neighbor to find out you have WiFi connectivity for them to leech into. Whatever your reason is, we’ll teach you how to hide your PLDT WiFi network.

How to hide PLDT WiFi from the public

Step 1: On your computer or smartphone’s web browser, open your router’s settings using this link:

If you get a “Your connection is not private” warning, simply click “Advanced” then “Proceed to (unsafe)”.


Step 2: If you haven’t changed your settings yet, type the default “admin” on the username tab and “1234” on the password to log in. Otherwise, use your own username and password.


Step 3: If this is the first time you’re accessing your router settings, it will ask you to change the default admin password, as well as change the WiFi name and password.


Once done, reconnect your device using the new WiFi name and password. Then, follow steps 1 to 3 again to login to your WiFi settings, only this time, you have to input the new admin password.

Step 4: Once inside the admin settings, look for “Network” and click on it. Bear in mind that different PLDT WiFi modems may have different interface layouts. Still, the process will be the same.


Step 5: Click Advanced.


Step 6: Tick the checkbox next to “Hidden” and click “Apply”.


Step 7: If you want to do the same with your WiFi’s 5G network, simply click “5G Advanced” and repeat the process by clicking the “Hidden” checkbox and “Apply”.


Step 8: After clicking apply, your router will restart. After that’s done, you’ve successfully hidden your PLDT WiFi network.

How to connect to a hidden WiFi network?

Different operating systems have different but similar ways you can connect to a hidden PLDT network. We’ve detailed them below.

How to connect macOS to hidden WiFi network?

Step 1: Click the WiFi icon on the top right corner and then tap WiFi Settings.


Step 2: Under the available WiFi networks, hit “Other”.


Step 3: Type the WiFi name and password. Also, choose WPA/WPA2 Personal on Security. Finally, click Connect and you’re done.


How to connect Windows to hidden WiFi network?

Step 1: Click the Internet icon and under available networks, tap “Hidden Network”.


Step 2: Type your network name then click Next.


Step 3: Type your password and click “Next.”


Step 4: Click “Yes” if you want your PC to be discoverable by other devices on the network. If not, tap “No.”


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How to connect iOS to hidden WiFi?

Step 1: Go to Settings > WiFi > then tap “Other”.


Step 2: Type your WiFi’s name and password, click join, and you’re done.


How to connect Android to hidden WiFi?

Step 1: Proceed to your device’s WiFi settings then tap “Add Network”.

Step 2: Type your WiFI name and password. Click the checkbox, proceed, or OK to connect.

How to change PLDT WiFi password?

If you want to protect your WiFi network from being accessed by unauthorized users, but you don’t want to hide your WiFi for the convenience of you and your family, you can just change your WiFi password periodically.

Here’s a detailed guide on how you can easily change your PLDT WiFi password.

That’s the full step-by-step guide on how you can hide your PLDT WiFi network. If you have further questions, we’ll try to answer them in the comments below. You can also reach PLDT customer service for further assistance.

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