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PLDT, Smart puts up 5G cell sites in Makati and Clark

The 5G era is now really upon us. Just recently, PLDT and Smart are leading the race as they built the first 5G cell sites in the Philippines.

PLDT and Smart have put up their 5G towers in Makati City, right within the company’s headquarters, using Huawei’s network technology. The other one was placed in the Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone (CFZ) in Pampanga, which uses the technology from Ericsson.

As per PLDT, their 5G coverage are 3GPP standard compliant, so compatibility should be less of an issue. We expect it to work with the 5G devices that companies like Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo have developed.

PLDT is looking into different possibilities that could benefit everyone from this ultra-fast internet connection. The company said that it can aid different Internet of Things (IoT) applications and can enable smart cities for the people.

This is just fitting since Makati City is one of the busiest and most advanced cities in the country. PLDT and the Clark Development Corporation also signed a memorandum of understanding to make the CFZ the first Smart 5G city in the Philippines.

As per PLDT, different sectors can benefit from this technology. That includes the transportation sector, manufacturing, logistics, retail, and other fields that currently uses, or yet to develop new methods that uses an ultra-fast internet connection to improve their operations.

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  1. Please pour your money first in developing the distribution lines, improving of Fibre connections and widening your coverage. Well to think that Fibre lines are so sensitive and we are earthquake prone you should invest on technologies to to make our lines earthquake proof thus improving integrity as well.