Looks like there’s something to look forward to in the upcoming iPhone and iPad after all. Just when most people are starting to think that Apple is slowly losing its touch, their newly released iOS 6 Beta 5 Code hints that there will be a support for devices with 128GB.

The hint for the 128GB capacity is part of the SystemPartitionPadding key in the build manifest associated with the release but it is not available for the current iOS versions that are available in the public.

So far the biggest storage for an iOS device is only 64GB, so it’s pretty obvious that an upgrade for that one will push it to 128GB. However, this doesn’t mean that this will come to the iPhone 5S or iPad 5 (or even the iPad Mini) as this was also seen several months ago but the iPhone 5 didn’t get the storage bump.

Whether it’ll be on iPhone 5S  (and the next iPad) or not, we’re still not sure until we hear more leaks along the way. Still, just the thought of it should get us all excited.

Some say that the 128GB seems to be an overkill, though a bit true at some point, it’s still relative to the user. For an instance, if a person stores an outrageous number of movies in an iPad, isn’t a bigger storage suitable for someone like him? In most cases, though, an average user won’t need that much storage – as long as the games and apps remain in their current sizes (and we know that it won’t be long).

UPDATE: Is this the iPad with 128GB?

9to5Mac reports that a new iPad model is set to be released. It is still based on the 4th generation iPad and it does have the same black and white colors as well as the Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi Cellular versions. So what do this actually mean? We’re suspecting that this is the 128GB model that was indicated in the photo above.

Take a look at this new SKUs from a high-profile US retailer.

128GB iPad

If you’re wondering what the details mean, the P101 and P103 are Apple’s internal codenames for the WiFi-only and Cellular-compatible fourth-generation iPads. The ‘A’ refers to the black option while the ‘B’ pertains to the white variant.

Currently, there are three models available – 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB and they are rated as “Good”, “Better” and “Best”, respectively. What we’re seeing here is that the term “ultimate” that was shown above refers to a larger internal storage capacity if we’ll just follow their pattern. But since this is still unconfirmed, let’s all take it with a grain of salt.

Do you think it’s time for an iPad to get a storage upgrade? Or 64GB is just the ideal amount for a tablet?

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