While Samsung has been dominating the foldable smartphone market for years, we’ve yet to see Apple’s take on the form factor. Is Cupertino releasing such a device in 2024, if a rumor is to be believed? In the meantime, iPhone users intrigued by the allure of foldable phones can check out Try Galaxy, a web app by Samsung that simulates the foldable experience by using two iPhones.

Using the Try Galaxy app at trygalaxy.com is simple enough. Once you get the web app up and running after going through the initial setup screens, find and choose the Fold Experience.

One iPhone will generate a QR code (or simply a set of codes) that the second iPhone will need to scan to sync the two devices. Place the two devices side-by-side, and now you’ve got yourself a quasi-Galaxy Z Fold5, with the two iPhones simulating one big screen.


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The Fold Experience features an Immersive View that plays a video across the two iPhone screens. There’s also the Multi-Tasking demo that shows how you can drag and drop UI elements (such as a photo) between apps across the screen. Another feature called Air Hockey lets you play a game where the two iPhone screens show the opposite sides of an air hockey rink.

The Try Galaxy web app may be fun enough to pique one’s curiosity as it adequately demonstrates Samsung’s customized Android UI. But it may not be enough to convince loyal iPhone users to make the switch. Better visit one of Samsung’s concept stores and test an actual demo unit for the real experience.

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