Whenever we talk of the iOS, we always associate it with the iPhone and iPad. One developer, however, has managed to port the iOS core to a non-Apple device—the Nokia N900.

As seen in the photo above, the iOS core is the kernel (called Darwin) filled with geeky commands and texts. They’re the ones running under the graphical interface—parallax effect, skeuomorphic icons, all those things—that users actually interact with on their iPhones. So, for now, the port has no GUI component.

As mentioned on his blog, his ported version of the iOS core isn’t limited to just the Nokia N900. It has been found to also run on a couple of mobile chips from ARM and Texas Instruments. The source code and the project are all available at Github, where other interested developers can contribute to porting more of iOS—not just the core—to devices beyond Apple’s.

[source: Winocm]

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    1. well, there’s an Android 4.1.2 port for the Nokia N9 called Nitroid if I remeber correctly. Not a Lumia but looks like a Lumia. So yeah…