After all the continuous circulation of alleged iPhone 5 parts, iLab Factory now put them all together to give us an insight on how would the iPhone 5 could possibly look like. We’ve discussed before why the next iPhone won’t come very soon but due to these insistent rumors, we can’t help but get all excited on how it would turn out.


The prototype built by the folks from iLab Factory were just the leaked parts. Meaning, it doesn’t contain all the possible chips that the real iPhone 5 may have. They just brought the parts together to help us take a good look on the 4S’s successor.  The device looks identical on the 4S but it is just a bit taller as suggested in the rumored iPhone 5 photos. Take a better look on the alleged iPhone 5 photos below.




Given Apple’s secretive strategy, it is quite odd to see these kind of rumors scattered around the web. This may be because some people affiliated with Apple purposely releases these information to the public or it can be a new strategy of Apple in order to create a bigger buzz in the smartphone industry by making people more excited. Either way, we can’t really tell for now.

{via iLab}

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