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Every manufacturer is racing with each other to capture the attention of the creatives. We have seen a lot 2-in-1s, tablet-laptop hybrids lately — all of which are meant to be used as a virtual drawing canvas and more. And now that Samsung’s S Pen now works with the Notebook 9 Pro, the creative professional’s options are starting to widen.

A few days back, Microsoft released the Surface Pro. A convertible laptop that was meant to be typed and drawn on. Subsequently, both ASUS and Acer released the ZenBook Flip S and Spin 1 respectively. Both of which are produced to do the same thing.

Meanwhile, Samsung, who clearly has no plans of being left out, will also be offering the same product. The company will be updating their 2016 Notebook 9 Pro laptops with S Pen support. The S Pen would be a good match with the Notebook 9 Pro, which makes me wonder why they haven’t included it in the first place.

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro S Pen

The refreshed laptop will be available in a 13.3-inch with 8GB of RAM and a 15-inch with 16GB RAM and AMD Radeon 540 GPU. Both versions will come equipped with a 256GB SSD, a 7th-Gen Intel Core i7-7500U processors, USB Type-C and Windows 10.

Samsung is yet to announce the official pricing and availability. However, we can surely expect it to be more expensive than the Notebook 9 Pro’s initial price last year. The 13.3-inch variant originally came in at $899 (around Php44,800), while the higher-end 15-inch model was at $1200 (around Php59,800).

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