Based on the latest report of Counterpoint Research, the smartphones’ average selling price (ASP) grew by 10% globally last quarter.

As you can see in the table below, details about major markets like Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and China show all except Latin America got an increase in ASP.


The most notable increase was in China, where the average price is now at $310. On the other hand, North America got a 7% YoY increase to $471, which is the highest in the international market.

But what’s the reason behind the smartphone price increase? The report noted that since the global pandemic, smartphone sales are slipping across the board, except for premium smartphones which are still selling really well. The high-end market only took an 8% decline in shipments compared to the overall 23% of the market.

Apple took 34% of the Q2 2020 smartphone market revenue, followed by Huawei at 20% and Samsung at 17%. Vivo accounted for 7% while OPPO got 6%.

It’s noteworthy that this is Huawei’s first time to surpass Samsung in both revenue and shipments. Despite all the trouble going its way, the Chinese electronics giant is still making it work.

Source: Counterpoint Research

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