Facebook wants its apps to be a default option on iPhones


The latest iOS 14 is where we see Apple starting to loosen up. As you know, one of the surprising changes in the new software update is giving you the ability to use third-party apps as a default mail and browser.

With this, Facebook seems to be pressuring Apple to also allow its messaging apps to be a default option, just like how it is on Android.

Facebook has done this before when they complained about the privacy ad changes on iOS 14. Now, Facebook executives are asking Apple to give its messaging apps the ability to be a default option on iOS.

Stan Chudnovsky, VP for Facebook Messenger, expressed that Apple locking its own Messages app as a default messenger is not fair, and wants Apple to replicate what Android is doing.

If you’ve been using iPhones all your life, you ought to know that Android users have the freedom to choose any app — including Facebook’s — as its default messaging app, which can also accommodate incoming SMS texts.

However, we all know that Apple’s Messages app and iMessage feature plays a big role in the unity of iPhones and iPads’ ecosystem. It just works.

But what do you think? Should Apple loosen up even further and let iPhone users choose whatever messaging app they want on default? Let us know in the comments below.

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