The Huawei P30 and P30 Pro is one of the most talked smartphones in the industry today. If you want to get in the excitement, then you might want to consider getting it through Smart postpaid plans.

For a quick recap, the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro is powered by a Kirin 980 processor, comes with OLED screens, reverse wireless charging, and improved cameras.


It’s worth stressing out that the P30 Pro features an 8-megapixel periscope-style lens, which can provide really impressive telephoto zoom that can really see faraway objects. It also has a 40-megapixel primary shooter, a 20-megapixel camera with an ultra wide-angle lens, and a ToF depth-sensor. You can check out the P30 and P30 Pro’s full specs and features here.

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The Huawei P30 retails for Php36,990, while the P30 Pro is available at Php50,990. Alternatively, you can avail the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro Smart postpaid plans below to get it at a 24-month contract.

As a bonus, you can pre-order any of the two device until April 12, 2019 and get a free Huawei Watch GT that’s valued at Php12,990. You can also check Globe’s offering for these devices here, which also comes with the same freebie.

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro Smart Postpaid Plans

 Data for all apps and websitesData for video streamingAll-Net CallsAll-Net TextsData Rollover
GigaX Plan 5992.5GBn/a20 minutes150n/a
GigaX Plan 7992.5GB10GB20 minutes150n/a
GigaX Plan 9994.5GB10GB50 minutesUnlimitedYes
GigaX Plan 14995GB10GB60 minutesUnlimitedYes
GigaX Plan 19997GB10GB70 minutesUnlimitedYes
GigaX Plan 249912GB10GB80 minutesUnlimitedYes
GigaX Plan 299915GB10GB90 minutesUnlimitedYes

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro Smart Postpaid Plans Cash-out

 Huawei P30Huawei P30 Pro
GigaX Plan 599Php20,099Php36,599
GigaX Plan 799Php18,799Php35,299
GigaX Plan 999Php17,699Php33,999
GigaX Plan 1499Php14,990 or
Php7,189 w/ Php300/mo
Php30,899 or
Php10,509 w/ 900/mo
GigaX Plan 1999Php10,999 or
Php6,409 w/ Php200/mo
Php27,779 or
Php11,699 w/ Php700/mo
GigaX Plan 2499Php7,799 or
Php5,499 w/ Php100/mo
Php24,599 or
Php10,809 w/ Php600/mo
GigaX Plan 2999Php4,699Php21,499 or
Php9,999 w/ Php500/mo

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