Samsung is already known to be working on ts next-gen foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold 2. The tech giant is tipped to have plans to deploy the ultra-thin glass technology for the new foldable smartphone. A plastic-based panel is not out of the question, but might just be there as the last resort.

A recent patent filing suggests that Huawei’s next foldable smartphone which will succeed the Mate X and Mate Xs will adopt a design similar to the Galaxy Fold. The phone as shown in patent images is going to fold like a book, and when fully folded it will have a smaller external display, just like the Galaxy Fold.

This is in contrast to the already launched Mate X and Mate Xs that folds the other way with the main display of the phone being on the other side even when it is closed. We can’t say if the patent will feature on the next Huawei foldable phone but the good thing with such design is that it protects the fragile flexible screen from easily getting damaged.


In contrast, the patent for another Chinese giant Xiaomi that later surfaced shows that they are working on a folding smartphone with a design similar to the Mate X and Mate Xs. The folding display will remain on the outside even when the phone is folded.

Before now, we would have guessed that the two Chinese giants will make use of plastic screens for their upcoming folding phones. Weibo tipster Digital Chat Station has now hinted  that Xiaomi and Huawei have both purchased ultra-thin flexible glass meant for the upcoming products with screens that has ultra-large curvature. The Mi Mix Alpha is a good example of a phone with a surround display.

Mi Mix Alpha

The information so far in shows that Huawei is planning to release its next foldable smartphone, while Xiaomi is planning the release of its first. This is expected in the coming months and they will both have ultra-thin glass folding displays, not plastic, if all goes as planned.

Via: Phone Arena

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