The application of fingerprint identity technology, aka the TouchID, on the iPhone 5S has people guessing what security features Apple will be implementing for its next smartphone release. This iPhone 6 concept design video suggests a retinal scanner.

Claiming that safety is one issue to never underestimate, SET Solution has visualized this iPhone 6 concept design with what it calls the EYE ID retinal scanner. If ever this is really applied on the next official iPhone refresh, its level of security will be on a whole new level and far better than the iPhone 5S TouchID. Not only could it unlock your phone, it could also you sign you in on the app store, your bank account, and other services.

Eye scanning aside, this iPhone 6 concept design also features a screen with virtually no side bezels. This other feature isn’t as intriguing as the wraparound display we previously reported about, though.

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  1. what an ugly concept -.- 64bit cpu, finger scanner, eye scanner, whats next d*ck scanner? go home Apple your drunk, pfft just an overrated and almost useless feature for marketing gimmick seriously? just create a power pin and pattern combination and viola! no one can unlock it :3