To date, we still don’t know if foldable smartphones will be the future. Even though Samsung and Huawei launched their foldable products last year, they were not as successful as we expected.

Maybe because the concept is still new, or maybe because it’s too expensive. Either way, companies thinking of launching their own foldable smartphone would probably think twice of entering this space as it’s not yet established.

But as a bold move, HMD Global plans to take on the huge risk, a report claims. According to their source, a Nokia-branded foldable device from HMD Global could possibly launch in the fourth quarter of 2020 or early 2021. Previously, the company launched a remake of the classic Nokia 2720.

Huawei Mate X

Currently, there are three foldable smartphone options in the market: Huawei has the Mate X, Samsung has the Galaxy Fold, and Motorola reimagined the Razr. The first two morphs into a tablet when unfolded, while the last one is classic flip phone from the past.

The source doesn’t have much information, so we’re still clueless about the device. Whether it’s a tablet-smartphone hybrid or an old school clamshell design, we really don’t know yet. But one thing’s for sure: HMD isn’t shy of reviving old Nokia classics, which means it’s possible that they would bring back something from their treasure chest.

Since nothing is official right now, take all of this information about the Nokia foldable smartphone with a grain of salt.

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