News broke out a few weeks ago regarding a new security breach involving Facebook.

According to the initial report, over 50 million Facebook users around the world were affected by the said cyberattack. It was caused by a vulnerability found on the “access tokens”, which allows the user to keep their Facebook accounts logged in on their different devices.

With that, the attackers were able to take over those said accounts, which subjects the users to different spam operations and data phishing. Facebook has since then logged out the affected users to their devices, and asked them to key their login accounts back in.

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And just recently, Philippines’ National Privacy Commission found out that a total of 755,973 Filipinos were affected by the said data breach.

NPC then directed Facebook to provide a more comprehensive notification for all those affected, detailing how the cyber attack happened. The privacy commission also ordered the social media network to give the Filipino users free identity theft and phishing insurance.

With the help of Kaspersky Lab, NPC also learned that 9 out of 10 Filipinos are vulnerable to phishing attacks due to people’s lack of awareness on the importance of their online privacy. This report is really ironic considering that the Philippines is known as the social media capital of the world.

NPC also said in a statement that Facebook should “contemplate this cultural gap when notifying the affected data subjects” and that the social media network should improve their ways on letting the Filipinos realize the security risks that they are taking when going online.

Source: PhilStar

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