Former Engineer (present-time Developer) Scotty Allen is not just a man who enjoys traveling across the globe – he is also a maker of things. He is currently trending because of his latest DIY creation, an iPhone.

During his stay in Shenzhen, China, the developer took his time to buy parts for his DIY iPhone in the markets of Huaqiangbei. This is the best place to look for cellphone parts that are being sold over-the-counter since they have almost everything you’ll need for a phone.

According to Scotty, he was inspired by other electronic-enthusiasts during his stay at a barbecue joint in China when he heard someone saying if they could build their own phone. At first, he wasn’t sure if he’ll be able to get the job done (if merchants would sell him phone parts) but despite facing minor roadblocks, he was able to build his own DIY and 100% functional iPhone 6s.

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He chose an iPhone 6s, despite the iPhone 7 being the latest iPhone, because he already owned the unit – allowing for an easier comparison between his work and the original one. Another thing he took into consideration is the possible scarcity of iPhone 7 parts in the markets, especially since they just came out last year. He also saw that it will be easier to find parts for a phone that has been out in the market for a longer period of time because it’ll mean more recycled and broken phones.

The iPhone had four basic parts which Scotty used, a screen, shell, battery and logic board. According to Scotty, these parts were about $300 which is cheaper than Apple’s iPhone 6S which is worth $549.

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Starting with the broken screen, he had to disassemble it so that he can reassemble it again with newer parts. For the logic board, Scotty had to use a completed board because he cannot put together one of his own since swapping out sensors will cause the TouchID to not function. The battery was not hard to find and was available for only $5. The DIY-phone’s body is of rose color and had an Apple logo in it. He mentioned that it did not have any markings both inside and outside, suggesting that it is not from a used phone.

Scotty believes that anyone who wants to create their own phone will be able to make one as well, patience is all that is needed. He added that he usually does not think of what becomes of the phone once he is done with them. He just thinks that they end up stripped of parts and used for other parts of other phones.

Watch the whole video and visit Scotty Allen’s blog for more of his works and adventures.

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