Augmented Reality (AR) is cool mainly because it defines the kind of technology we currently have in our present time. But you know what’s cooler? AR’s real-life copy and paste feature.

Cyril Diagne, a developer, demonstrates how the AR can be a nifty tool not just for entertainment purposes, but for education as well. It’s as simple as pointing your phone to anything that you want to copy then dragging it to your desktop. 

Two easy steps, and there you have it: a solution to your school project, advertising stints, maybe even just a meme you want to make famous. There’s no hassle over using Photoshop or searching for an image just to message it to yourself. This one is less complicated, and it’s promoting the power of Augmented Reality. 

Take note that this is just a research prototype but based from the comments on Diagne’s demo, it seems like some companies are working on a similar feature. That said, it should be expected that this feature may be available on our mobile phones come the future. 

AR is a familiar technology to us, and it has been quite helpful when it comes to checking out which furniture looks good for your interior decoration. This one does the reverse: by capturing what is physical and bringing it towards digital. 

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Diagne further explains on a thread on Twitter that there are few notable things working on his AR copy-paste demo. One, there is a component which differentiates the foreground object from the background via machine learning. The second detects where your phone is pointing at the computer screen. 

Diagne also says that it would only take up to 2.5 seconds to copy an object from the physical world, and 4 seconds to paste it. This could be improved, however, and he most willingly placed his code on Github for those interested in tinkering what else needs to be made better in the software. 

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