The pandemic has forced everyone to stay indoors, especially as new cases are confirmed every day. Not to worry though, it seems as if there are plenty of things to do at home after all. One of the top activities is playing video games. 

That’s right: online gaming saw its rise during this lockdown period. One such evidence was proven by Activision Blizzard—gaming company and developer—saw an average of about 102 million players playing on one of their games, Call of Duty, monthly during the first quarter of the year. 

What’s more, games such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and even casual games such as Candy Crush reportedly surged too. Another gaming company, Electronic Arts, also reported that players also turned to online sports particularly in soccer, baseball, American football, and basketball like the NBA 2K20


Analysts have also done their observations on what’s been going on in the gaming world these days. Ted Pollak of Jon Peddie Research comments that people were gaming to the point their devices wear out. Meanwhile, NPD analyst Matt Piscatella, found that sales on the Nintendo Switch console doubled last March compared to a year earlier. 

The gaming industry is expected to grow its sector share to 36% by the year 2023 (where it is currently at 31% the previous year). Futuresource Consulting found that the more people stay at home—that includes schoolchildren and existing gamers—the more there is time to spend on playing video games and exploring content. They even predicted that mobile gaming will grow 12% worldwide along with the development of 5G network

True enough, there isn’t really much to do now that we’re all stuck at home. Children are turning towards friendly open-world games such as Roblox, older people can play online Mah-Jong. There are even board games with its online version. Indeed, it is a substitute for having to play with people face-to-face. 


While companies such as Nintendo are benefiting the past two months from doubling its ads on the US television, the e-sports community isn’t doing too well with the lack of in-person tournaments and gatherings. However, audiences can still stream plays via different platforms such as Twitch or Google’s new Stadia

People are giving more attention to games these days because they have all the time to discover what’s in store for them. Even when the lockdown ends, these are titles which players would most likely be attached too. There is no denying how video games would become stronger even after the pandemic as people look forward to new titles and interesting gameplays. 

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