When it comes to the invasive approach in handling biometric data of citizens and foreigners, the Philippines is among the worst. The country ties with Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, the USA, and Uganda in fourth place.

Per a study of 96 countries by Comparitech, many countries have increased their use of biometric data. Unfortunately, many of these countries have been labeled as invasive due to their comprehensive collection and subsequent abuse of the gathered data.

China, ranked the worst in the list, has a nationwide biometric database that will include DNA. In terms of abuse, the Comparitech study has cited the country’s intrusive monitoring of its Uighur minority as an example. Also, anyone entering China has their biometric data captured.


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As for the Philippines, the country’s use of biometric data on passports, banks, voter registration, and other systems despite a relative lack of data protection and privacy laws is why it’s at the bottom four.

The best country on the list is Turkmenistan, simply because it neither has adopted any technology that uses biometric data nor has it established a database for storage.

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