It has already been 2 decades since the Trigun anime graced its audience, back in the late 90s. But the anime, while it will go down in history as one of the classics of that era, will once again rise from the ashes in a reboot that will bring the beloved anime in full, revamped glory as Trigun Stampede.

Original Trigun facts

Trigun is best described as a Space Western anime with manga roots by author Yasuhiro Nightow (Naito). The franchise revolves around a gunman known as Vash the Stampede, who happens to be a subject of mercenaries’ pursuit for the $$60 billion (double dollar) bounty on his head. But a bounty that simply could not be claimed nonetheless, despite the unrelenting tenacity of the pursuers, displaying the protagonist’s elusive quirks, even in seemingly desperate situations.


What is Trigun Stampede?

A reset of the original Trigun, Stampede is a remake that involves the anime’s protagonist Vash the Stampede with all his quirks as a gun-wielding humanoid creature known as Plant—a race that is being treated as an energy source by mankind rather than just another wonder in the grand scheme of the Trigun universe.

But while fans of the anime will recall Vash for his rather iconic spiky blond hair, in Stampede he will be getting a little hair makeover, which sees his golden hair donning a more relaxed and wavy look, with an undercut. Not only does the anime’s protagonist will look a little different this time around, but his gun, too, is also getting a little enhancement, which now sees his old silver six-shooter becoming an eight-cylinder gun with a gunmetal gray finish.


What about the Trigun manga?

The Trigun manga began publishing midway through the ’90s, particularly from 1996 until 1997, for a total of 22 chapters. The success of the manga brought forth a follow-up a year later in 1998 and will last until 2008, bringing a total of 102 chapters for the avid readers. The manga has been considered concluded ever since.


The original Trigun anime was an adaptation of the initial manga by Madhouse, released for a total of 26 episodes in 1998. The same animation company would pick up the franchise again, but this time, making the movie titled Trigun Badlands Rumble in 2010.

Trailer and producers of Trigun Stampede anime

Madhouse will not be handling the remake development of the Trigun Stampede this time around, though. Instead, it will be given to the capable hands of Orange, whose portfolio includes Land of the Lustrous and Beastars.

Kenji Mutou, who was pivotal in the making of the aforementioned anime titles, will be lending his hand as the director for Stampede. As for the concept art and the lead character design, the role is given to Kouji Tajima, who is credited for the Gantz:0 film and the two live-action adaptations of Attack on Titan.


When is the Trigun Stampede anime release date?

There is no concrete details yet with regards to the Trigun Stampede’s release date, but it is expected to arrive sometime in 2023. We will update this article once we get more information about its availability.

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