Huawei’s latest flagship smartphones are probably one of the best-looking smartphones today. They are sandwiched with glass in front and back, which is the main highlight of its gorgeous looks.

However, besides having a beautiful design, using glass on smartphones means that it is usually sacrificing the durability. As you all know, glass is not the sturdiest material in the smartphone space — no matter how companies like Corning try to make it invincible.

When your smartphone drops, depending on how severe it is, your pristine glass-on-glass device will definitely be hurt. This will probably result in ugly cracks and bruises.

Huawei understands this problem, and they are fully aware that most people have butterfingers. With that, they are announcing a FREE screen and back cover replacement for the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro.

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This special program is applicable to the front LCD screen and the glass back cover for the P20 and P20 Pro devices purchased within 3 months. The glass replacement program is under Huawei’s VIP service, which includes FREE home pickup, cleaning, and software updates.

Huawei assures that the screen is not just fixed, but the overall device is in top condition once it goes under repair.

You can check out more details about this feature by downloading the HiCare app on the Google Play Store.

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  1. I contacted Huawei, poor customer service and county specific who gets free replacement screen. as A customer their not providing equal standards. UK does not benefit, and for that reason i am going back to Samsung.

  2. great service, loved my phone, sadly it was in a bad accident., everything is chiming and lighting up, but screen is crackkkked and not operating. I told them it broke a month later, after the 3 month period, they assured me it would be around 150 to replace but absolutely not over 300, regardless of damage. They said If cost of repair is over 300, they cover the rest… thats within the first year of purchase,… so im shipping my p20pro asap.

  3. It is a lie. I contacted to them, and they said p20 Pro is not eligible. Huawei is just a big bad joke.