Galaxy S21 only the first, Samsung to remove chargers and earphones on future phones


More Samsung smartphones in the future will not come with a charger and earphones.

After mocking Apple for removing the wall adapter charger and earphones on the iPhone 12 series, Samsung ironically did follow suit on its latest Galaxy S21 flagship line.


On the upside, the Galaxy S21 series are now cheaper than their predecessors. The Galaxy S21 is available for Php47,990. That’s Php2,000 cheaper than the Galaxy S20‘s Php49,990 price tag. You can put the money saved on a new charger or a pair of earphones, or get them for free when you pre-order the Galaxy S21 Plus and Ultra.

Also, the retail box is much smaller, which is said can help save the environment.


However, the main bad news here is that the Galaxy S21 is just the beginning. As Samsung confirmed on its press website, they will gradually remove accessories on phone packaging — which the company claims will help them be more sustainable.

This means that future Samsung phone boxes will only include the unit itself, a cable, SIM ejector tool, and other smaller extras. But no more charger or earphones.


Since it’s a gradual implementation, select Samsung phones, particularly the entry-level ones, may still get the necessary accessories on the box.

This kind of makes sense as Samsung might be giving enthusiasts the option to get a better charger than what they are giving, especially since Samsung phones — even something as expensive as the Galaxy Z Fold 2 — only has a 25W fast charger in the box.

On the upside, the Galaxy Note 20 series and other smartphones will continue to have the complete set of accessories. Unlike Apple, who removed the charger and earphones on their entire line-up when the iPhone 12 series came out.

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