Google just held a huge event and announced a couple of hardware under their Made by Google product line. The gathering was a stage for the unveiling of the new Pixel 3 smartphones, Pixel Slate tablet hybrid, and a couple of household gizmos such as the new Google Home Hub and the Chromecast 2018.

The Google Home Hub is essentially a Google Home speaker with a 7-inch touchscreen. This allows you to have both audio and visual representation every time you say “Hey, Google!”.

Google put a custom interface on the Home Hub to make it more intuitive to use. It can do everything that Google Assistant can, from setting calendar reminders, control your smart appliences, answering random questions and more.

Also, when partnered with a compatible Nest security camera, it turns in to an easy-to-use CCTV system.


The Google Home Hub sports a full range speaker with a dual microphone array, has both WiFi and Bluetooth, and is powered by a 15W adapter.

It’s available in Charcoal, Aqua, Chalk, and Sand color options. Pre-order starts now on the Google Store for USD149 (~Php8,100) and will hit the shelves on October 22 in the US.

Google is also bringing few improvements for the Chromecast 2018. It now comes with a cleaner matte finish with the signature “G” logo on the front.

The new updated Chromecast is also 15% faster from its predecessor, which allows it to have 1080p 60fps video streaming support. The Chromecast Audio capability has been added as it can now play music in sync with other Google Home and Chromecast devices, creating a multi-room experience.

The Chromecast 2018 will have the same price of USD35 ~(Php1,900).

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