Honor is launching a 200W fast charging tech soon


OPPO and vivo are pushing our device’s charging capability when they announced the 125W and 120W charging capabilities, respectively. Meanwhile, Honor had also just announced that it’s already working on a 200W Fast Charging technology and it will be launching soon.

With a level of wattage that is more than enough for most household technology, the 200W charging capability is going to be used on gaming notebooks to fuel its intensive functionality.

In a post by Weibo (China’s version of Twitter) blogger named “@Ark,” it was announced that Honor is planning to introduce a gaming notebook, codenamed “FRD,” that comes with a charger with 200W charging out-of-the-box.


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200W may seem like a big deal when it comes to the notion of fast charging. But in the gaming space, particularly in laptops, that number is nothing new and is, in fact, not that stellar in the wattage department as there has already been one with a 230W capability.

What makes Honor’s rendition special, however, is its design that adheres to USB Type-C physical layout and a smart PowerDelivery feature. Which, to the knowledge of those who know, is a matter of convenience in usability and optimal energy supply.


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