Thinking of getting into the smartwatch game, but the design and pricing of the available options aren’t convincing enough? Then, the Huawei Watch GT might be the one you’re looking for.

Unlike most smartwatches around, the Huawei Watch GT brags a more proper design, set of features, and an appealing price tag.


Launched alongside the Mate 20 series, the Watch GT boasts a rounded design with large buttons on the sides that mimics the look of a traditional watch. It’s available with a brown leather strap for a classy look, and a graphite black silicone if you have a more active lifestyle. Thanks to its generic latch, you can easily swap it with any straps available in the market.

The Watch GT features a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen, a Cortex-M4 processor, and a battery that’s said to last for 2 weeks.


Besides providing you relevant information and wiring in incoming notifications, the Huawei Watch GT also has tons of health-related features like heart-rate and sleep monitoring, built-in GPS for outdoor workouts, and a built-in coaching system.

Huawei’s latest watch will work great with your latest Android smartphone, like their own Mate 20 Pro. This is also a great and a cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch Series 4 if you’re an iOS user.

Speaking of which, the Huawei Watch GT as an official price of only Php12,990 and will be available in the Philippines starting March 22, 2019.

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