India is one of the biggest smartphone markets in the world dominated by aggressively-priced devices. But apparently, budget-friendly phones aren’t the only big deal in this country as they also have the cheapest mobile data plan in the world.

Research from says that India indeed has the cheapest data plan in the world. That’s after they analyzed the average price of 1GB data on 5,554 data plans on 228 different countries from February 3 to 25, 2020.


The firm says that the average cost of a 1GB data plan in India is only at USD0.09, or about Php4.37 when directly converted to Philippines pesos. In fact, this was even cheaper back in 2018 when a gigabyte of mobile data only costs about USD0.3 (around Php14.50).

As per, the vibrant smartphone market and high technological awareness of Indian youngsters resulted in strong adaptation and has sprung out a lot of competition. Hence the staggeringly cheap data plans.


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Next to India is Israel (USD0.11 or Php5,34), Kyrgyzstan (USD0.21 or Php10.20), and Italy (USD0.43 or Php20.88).

Meanwhile, the Philippines ranks all the way down to the 60th spot with an average price of Php72.17. The cheapest 1GB mobile data plan available locally costs Php48.06 while the most expensive is at Php399.00.


We expect prices to go down in the coming years as the third-telco player just granted franchise and shall break the duopoly that results to uncompetitive prices.

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