The iPhone SE 2020 has been out as the cheapest smartphone that’s officially in Apple’s portfolio for the year.

It packs the same A13 Bionic processor that the iPhone 11 series have. But probably one of the most interesting facts about the iPhone SE 2020 is that it inherits the same body as the iPhone 8.

In fact, it’s been revealed that the parts of the SE 2020 and iPhone 8 are pretty much interchangeable.

iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2020

We kind of already know that this build is made primarily with glass and aluminum — which easily makes it not the most indestructible smartphone around. But how fragile this device really is?

Well, YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has put out an iPhone SE 2020 durability test video to see how it holds up in a series of excruciating knife stabbings and bending testings to see how this “budget” iPhone holds up.


Starting with the scratch test, the screen started to take a hit at level six with deeper cuts at level 7 (out of 9). This basically means that the display is scratch resistant and can withstand being jumbled around car keys or coins when inside your pocket.

There’s also a small plastic between the front glass and the metal chassis. This makes the display easily replaceable and helps the device withstand water penetration. The iPhone SE 2020 has an IP67 rating for water resistance. There’s also a rubber ring that seals the single SIM card tray to prevent water from coming in.

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Much like its predecessors, the iPhone SE 2020 uses a sapphire glass on the camera lens. It should be tougher than the front glass, but as per the YouTube video, it scratches the same at level 6.

Oh, and in case your screen gets subjected to fire, you have about 16 seconds or less to save before the affected pixels go black. But as per the video, the screen do recover, although the scars will remain on the oleophobic coating.

Overall, it looks like the iPhone SE 2020 is a solid and well-built iPhone, despite the cheaper price tag. The structural integrity was kept, as seen on the bend test at the end of the video. The iPhone SE has a starting price of Php26,990.

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