‘Load cape-less heroes’: A modern mission amidst the pandemic


Amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic issue, the frontliners in the field of medicine, security, media, and retail sales get their jobs done while their other feet are buried on a graveyard.

We are all witnesses of the newest defining moment for these ordinary people that we see tending sick people in the hospitals, update the masses of the real-team crisis, keeping the streets safe, and making sure that there are enough stocks of food and supplies in groceries.

These people have drawn the line of an extraordinary responsibility in their respective fields. But we may not have identified them all. Due to the stay-at-home order of the government to fight the spread of COVID-19, we feel the need to be more connected to our loved ones, either our family or friends despite their distance from us.

According to some psychologists, our urge to be more relevant and updated in these hard times has grown as we don’t like to feel alone and stay unaware of the latest news. Online connectivity is the safest way to be connected while maintaining social distancing.

However, most residences do not have their internet connection at home so they rely on prepaid loads that need to be bought from a physical store or a dealer which might not be available by the time we need one.


The problem is that not everyone can go out to buy prepaid loads from any network when everyone is demanded to stay at home during the enhanced community quarantine period. Not everyone has an online banking or any digital access via our devices to buy load virtually.

This is where these modern cape-less heroes come in the picture. Our so-called ‘load cape-less heroes’, has made it possible for members of the household to buy load during the pandemic which eventually becomes their modern mission amidst the pandemic health crisis. They are the people who understand that apart from a shelter, food, and electricity that we need daily, the prepaid loads that they sell can bridge the cord to keep us all strung together.

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Furthermore, these load cape-less heroes can be considered as one of the unsung frontline heroes who are ready to roam the roads and streets to sell mobile load. They are load resellers and local distributors who provide this basic need of connectivity in line with a constant reminder for health safety. Catering the needs of the customer in an area works through teamwork between the network provider and these load heroes/distributors. They fill the gap of communication during this quarantine period.  

People who are hired to take this role must be physically and mentally fit as they don’t have bikes to roam around. They just use their bare feet to carry out their jobs which makes them cape-less heroes. According to some of these unsung ‘load cape-less heroes’, they just don’t do it to earn but to allow communication forward between families whilst ensuring their safety at home.


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