Many iPhone users have reported that they are experiencing missing messaging notifications after installing the latest iOS 14 update.

Months after its release, it appears that the iOS 14 messaging and notifications issue persists, and apparently, it’s only getting worse instead of getting fixed.

The issue initially affected the iPhone 12 series. But now, it appears that the bug has infected other iPhone models that run on iOS 14.

It appears that affected users were sent messages but were not told by their iPhones that they did. The badges will appear, but no notification is received.


A couple of users took to Apple Forums to share their experiences and some temporary fixes. One user said that that the notifications didn’t work on his iPhone 11 Pro Max under silent mode while locked. However, the notification did buzz on his Apple Watch 4, despite being set to silent mode, too.

The user noted that the notification/vibration issue on his iPhone went away the moment he took off the smartwatch. The folks at Redmondpie backed this theory as they experienced the same thing.

Apple is yet to address the issue.

Are you having the same problem? Let’s know in the comments below. Maybe if more people speak out, Apple may finally address the issue.

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