The follow-up to MyPhone’s very successful Trade-in Madness Promo is finally here. Not only that, it is now offering 5 different android phones if you want a trade-in. If you can still remember, the MyPhone a818 Duo started it all and it instantly gave MyPhone a hit on the android market. Check out the latest android phones from MyPhone below.


Here’s the Promo Mechanics:

Any customer can avail of the promo by surrendering a mobile phone of any brand or model, working or non-working, in exchange for an android phone. The phone that you will use doesn’t need to be functional. As long as its parts are complete, then you are very much welcome to trade that. Also the mobile phone to be traded should include its battery pack.

So to sum it up, you’ll need a phone that is not broken down into pieces or else it will not be eligible to get you a discount. If your phone is accepted, you will get a discount on the SRP of any of these android phones listed below (the discounted price can be seen on the poster above).

MyPhone Android Phones

  • MyPhone TS1 Duo – P 3,999
  • MyPhone A618 Duo – P3,599
  • MyPhone A818 Duo – P3,999
  • MyPhone A828 Duo – P4,499
  • MyPhone A858 – P4,999

This phones will not be powerful droids but it will be suitable for first time android users so that they can get the feel of it before thinking of scaling up.

The MyPhone Trade-in Madness promo is available on all MyPhone Kiosks, Concept stores and outlets nationwide. Promo period is from August 30 – September 16,2012

You can check out the MyPhone phones price list here.

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