OPPO R9s in Red

It looks like releasing a new color variant is a new marketing strategy for a lot of smartphone brands today. This helps keep the hype alive surrounding the product.

Back in June, we saw OPPO release a Black Edition of their current flagship. And in less than two months, we’re already seeing yet another variant — the OPPO F3 Red.

OPPO is not the only one doing this. Not long ago, Samsung also released a Galaxy S8 Rose Pink variant to rejuvenize the already available color options. On the other hand, Vivo also launched a Matte Black V5s as an answer to the F3’s Black edition. These are just the beginning, and we might expect this trend to continue.

OPPO’s sneaky reveal of the new OPPO F3 Red doesn’t look so subtle at all. Why? Well, the device is currently featured on the cover of Speed Magazine’s August 2017 issue. It is being held by the cover girl herself, Jasmine Curtis Smith.

Image: Speed Magazine

Taking a closer look at the handset, the entire back panel is indeed tinted in red. The new look also shows a hint of gold accents printed on the six-string antenna lines and the OPPO logo. In front, we can see that OPPO opted for a black face, instead of white like what Apple did on the iPhone 7.

Image: Speed Magazine

Furthermore, the company is branding it as OPPO F3 Red — not Red Edition, just Red. This compliments the new color’s bold and daring nature. It will join the Gold, Pink, and Black Edition color variants that are now currently available in the Philippines.

As for the specifications, there’s no information yet but we’re expecting it to have the exact same hardware as the original.

We still don’t know the official pricing of the handset, but it will probably cost the same as the other colors  Php15,990. According to our sources, the launch and release will happen next week.

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