Both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 are the current kings of Android. However, it’s not without their flaws. And nope, I’m not talking about that awfully placed fingerprint scanner. I’m referring to that troublesome Bixby button.

Samsung was really proud about Bixby, its own virtual assistant. So proud that they even incorporated a dedicated hardware button for it on both the Galaxy S8, Note 8, and even the midrange Galaxy J7+.

But the problem is, the consumer’s reception on Bixby was a mixed bag. Some people liked it, while the majority found it useless. More so, the addition of a dedicated for it only made everyone furious and irritated due to unintentional presses that accidentally summons the feature. And to make things worse, Samsung doesn’t let its users remap the button to enable other more important shortcuts.

Samsung was really holding their ground and even blocked third-party apps that let Galaxy S8 users customize the device.

But that’s about to change, or at least a tiny bit. As per SamMobile, Samsung is slowly rolling out the update to some Galaxy S8 and Note 8 device that allows them to disable the Bixby Home Button.

But as a caveat, it doesn’t allow you to remap the button. So it’s either you’ll use it for Bixby, or not at all.

There’s no official word yet regarding its official availability. But if you’re one of those who is really annoyed by this button, be on the lookout by occasionally checking if it’s already available in the software update settings.

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