With today’s developments in technology, everything seems possible. MediaTek, a company known worldwide for their innovations and advancements systems-on-chip (SoC), is taking things up a notch with their latest announcement.

The company’s new smartphone biosensor module, the Sensio MT6381, which is a health monitoring module can track and monitor 6 health metrics. These 6 health metrics are peripheral oxygen saturation, electrocardiography (ECG), photoplethysmography (PPG), blood pressure, heart rate, and heart rate viability.

The monitor and tracking were made possible through hardware and software integration, that allows the measurement of the collected health data within 60 seconds. According to MediaTek, different components of the Sensio module work together in order to register and gather data. An I2C /SPI digital interface, a pair of red and infrared LED, and an external BOM are some of the parts of the Sensio.

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Aside from this amazing advancement, MediaTek also takes pride in stating that the Sensio MT6381 is highly customizable, an advantage that would give different manufacturers the opportunity to adjust and make changes in it. What makes it even more special is that a MediaTek sensor is not required to use the Sensio, opening the connection between the Sensio and other external applications.

According to Senior Director of Product Marketing for MediaTek’s wireless business Dr. Yenchi Lee, the world will be a healthier place for everyone if everyone will have the power to know and access data about their health through their smartphone. The company is also hoping for manufacturers to include Sensio in their products after it is released this 2018.

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