TECNO Mobile just released a new smartphone concept called the Phantom Vision V. Clearly, the brand wants everyone to know that they mean business.

The TECNO Phantom Vision V combines foldable and rollable display technology that could kill tablets if it ever makes it.

It has a form factor similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 4, vivo X Fold+, and other foldable phones with a large inner screen and a smaller one on the cover.

But unlike what Samsung, vivo, Xiaomi, and other brands offer, this one takes things up a notch as the main screen grows bigger as an extra real estate rolls out for a full 10.1-inch size.


That looks too good to be true and makes us question its durability. However, TECNO said that the screen has 11 layers that provide both flexibility and durability. It is also housed in aerospace-grade titanium for extra toughness.

If having one normal screen and one extra big display is not enough, the device has a third small display on the back that was added to display time and other useful information.


Being a concept phone, the price and release details for the TECNO Phantom Vision V are yet to be known, or if it even makes it to the market at all as bits of this concept might come to a different device instead.

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