The University of the Philippines students from the Diliman Campus has once again proved that the 112-year-old educational institution remains the Center of Excellence for the future’s Industry Energy Solutions up to this day.

Among the 352 teams across the university and colleges in the country, Team Scintillans from the College of Engineering of UP Diliman from has been hailed as the 2020 Go Green Country Champion sponsored by the Schneider Electric (SE).

The winning team is composed of Hannah Ramos and Patrick Parone, students under the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering program. Their Kislap innovation has modernized a portable water purifying device through which companies or communities can generate electric currents from water evaporation for residential electricity.

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Schneider Electric (SE), the sponsor of this innovative & prestigious contest, has been the constant advocate for the access of digital resources and renewable energy as part of our human rights. The company offers automated solutions for the digital environment and energy sustainability by combining globally competitive services & topnotch software for all homes, infrastructures, and data centers where they are near.

Furthermore, Parone has emphasized the essence of the big shift not just of one nation or community but the whole world for mitigated sustainable energy to eliminate the global environmental issues. The project that they have presented which was the integral use of water evaporation can be a potential source for a universal yet remains unexploited despite the hundreds of local & international scientists to harness it for a variety of scientific discoveries.

Ramos has also pointed out the mere fact that people from the most remote areas in the Philippines can make use out of their available resources to find and collect the most drinkable water. Filipinos from these rural villages draw their water from the river, deep wells, or even from the rainfall and make it safe drinking water by boiling it under the sun through the process of water evaporation. Thus, makes it feasible for this simple science to become the source of lighting during the night time.


The Director of the Industrial Automation of Schneider Electric, Ruth Kharen Ramayla has praised their resourcefulness and genuine ambition to create a sustainable and clean source of energy. According to her, this bold idea of ‘Kislap’ sets their passion to start the fight for a greener nation and is grounded to the youth empowerment for the energy industry’s future. This act resonates across the globe once the project starts and made known to the public through social media platforms.

Ramos and Parone will be mentored by the Schneider Electric (SE) on their facilities along with the other ten students who were also finalists for the said prestigious competition headed by Alexandre Vermot, the country president. It will be a tough competition against all delegates from the Asia Pacific region on the 16th of April 2020.

Vermot shares that what makes Filipinos different from other students all around the globe is their genuine resourcefulness with no boundaries. No matter how scarce the resources are, they still come up with an empowering idea that potentially solves the environmental and social challenges that the future should no longer face. He also states that the Go Green is a platform where they can make their inspiring solutions to be funded and workable.

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