Vivo pioneered the in-display fingerprint scanner technology on smartphones. This feature provides a peek into the future and provides brands to actually deliver real bezel-less smartphones.

The said technology has been around for just a little over a year now. But apparently, Vivo has already came up with a 4th iteration, which is found on the newly released Vivo X23.


According to the company, their 4th generation in-display fingerprint scanner is 40% faster than what the Vivo X21 has. It can also operate effectively in different lighting scenarios when compared to its predecessors.

But to take it a step further, Vivo partnered with Qualcomm and came up with the new DSP Acceleration Technology. This will make in-display fingerprint scanners perform even faster, without sacrificing its credibility to secure your device.


The new feature will work on the Hexagon 685 DSP of the Snapdragon 670, a chipset that’s running on the Vivo X23. The said component does not only handle fingerprint data but also crunches the numbers in neural and AI-related tasks of a smartphone.

Vivo said that the DSP acceleration for the Vivo X23 will arrive as a software update in October.


It feels like Vivo is really committed to developing the in-display fingerprint scanner technology. Since the release of the first device with this feature last year, they have applied 140 patents that will help improve the technology.

Hopefully, as it develops in the next couple of months (or years), we might also see it coming to entry-level smartphones.

Via: GizmoChina

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