There had been a great focus on mobile gaming in the smartphone industry recently. While a lot of users are playing more games on their devices, manufacturers are hard at work to provide features that will cater to people’s needs.

That’s why Xiaomi has come up with their Game Turbo technology, a feature that is slated to arrive in the upcoming Mi 9 flagship. This will counter other similar features from the competition, like the GPU Turbo from Huawei and Honor.


With the Xiaomi Game Turbo, the device can provide real-time monitoring of your processor, graphics, and frame rates data to give you a glance on your device’s status while playing. It can also forecast complex parts of the game, and intelligently allocate hardware resources for a smoother experience.

Game Turbo will also allow users to switch network with just a single tap, so you can get connected to a more stable connection, without the need to dig in on the settings menu. The feature can also keep the game running even when the display is off, so you can easily get back to it after a break.


The Xiaomi Mi 9 isn’t particularly a gamer-centric smartphone like the ASUS ROG Phone or the Razer Phone 2. However, with its powerful Snapdragon 855 processor, we expect this device to deliver impressive gaming performance.

As per the company, they ran demanding shooter games, MOBAs, and more, and they all ran smoothly on the device.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 is expected to be unveiled on February 20. And right after that, we expect this Game Turbo technology to arrive in more Xiaomi devices, even the more affordable ones.

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