On a recent smartphone review by DxOMark, the Xiaomi Mi 9 just received the best video score among its other aspects, leading to positive reviews and praises regarding Xiaomi’s latest smartphone.

Established in 2008, DxOMark is an independent benchmark that scientifically assesses the image quality of smartphones as well as their lenses and cameras. They use industry-grade lab tools to get a full extent of a device’s photo and video quality.


Thus, the higher the score—the better the image quality. Their review of the Xiaomi Mi 9 was published the same day of the smartphone’s release and made an impression garnering the highest video score of 107.

This earns the Mi 9 a spot as 4th when it comes to the overall ranking, just behind the Huawei Mate 20 ProP20 Pro, and the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.


Furthermore, the Mi 9 has a photo score of 112 as well. Its features, like the LED flash, had done an excellent job with the right balance between color and exposure.

The reviewers also noted that the Mi 9 produces a slightly lower fine detail if you were to compare it with the iPhone XS Max or the Mate 20 Pro. The Mi 9 could improve on its dynamic range, shadow detail, and in highlight contrast.


The target exposure was also good, the white balance was accurate, the noise levels were also handled well. Lastly, DxOMark noted how fast and consistent in almost all scenarios.

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