Three of the biggest names in the mobile industry: Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo, has teamed up for a special project. We never thought such collaboration was possible due to the intense competition in the smartphone market.

Recently, Xiaomi announced the Inter-Transfer Alliance group. The member companies will allow their smartphones to transfer files (photos, videos, etc.) between each other via a simple solution.


This will work like the AirDrop on Apple products, which is one of their biggest features and the reason why some people still like being trapped in the Apple ecosystem.

Xiaomi said that the feature will work on Bluetooth. So, there’s no need to use mobile data or any third-party app like the ad-bombarded ShareIt. But, Bluetooth still lags behind WiFi in terms of transfer speeds. Although Xiaomi claims that the feature will offer up to 20Mbps of bandwidth.

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But, the best part is, OPPO and Vivo has already backed the project and has joined the alliance. This is really beneficial considering the huge influence of these two brands. Also, OPPO has recently overtaken Apple in smartphone shipments. This means that a lot of people will get to use this feature.

Xiaomi said that they are still open for more joiners in case other brands want to be part of the alliance. Since Realme and Redmi are under OPPO and Xiaomi, the alliance should get their support, too.

The Inter-Transfer Alliance is currently in open beta phase for those who want to check it out.

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