OPPO has just released their latest midrange device, the OPPO F9. And surprisingly, Vivo has just remained quiet. But apparently, Vivo’s silence wouldn’t be for long as they might have a new smartphone up its sleeves.

Vivo X23 device has been tipped off by Jovi itself, Vivo’s smart assistant. As per the information, the said handset will be released on August 20. But considering that we’re just hearing about this smartphone just now, we’re doubting the accuracy of that date.

However, there’s a new leak that details some of the device’s key features. A short specs list that has a high probability of being true.

The new information writes a smartphone with a 6.4-inch “beauty tip” full screen. This feature might refer to the OPPO F9-like display notch that the Vivo X23 might have, as seen on the spotted live photos below.


Moreover, Vivo might have improved their in-display fingerprint scanner for the X23. In our Vivo X21 review, we did say that the said feature worked surprisingly well, and we expect it to get better over time.

Other than the fingerprint scanner, the device will also have a 3D facial recognition feature. There’s also have a dedicated quad-DAC chip. Features that we already saw from its predecessor.


The leak also reveals that the Vivo X23 will have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 chipset with 8GB of RAM. A processor that’s only currently present in few other devices like the OPPO R17.

As stated earlier, the said August 20 release is highly unlikely. But now that we are seeing leaks and rumors about the Vivo X23, we can expect to officially hear something from Vivo in the next couple of weeks.

Via: GizmoChinaGSMArena

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