Converge ICT’s prepaid fiber service, Surf2Sawa, has been quietly around for a couple of months. Now, the company said that they will officially launch the service this June.

With the high inflation, a lot of consumers are looking for a flexible and affordable internet service. While prepaid wireless WiFi solutions have been a thing for years, they don’t provide the fastest and most reliable internet connection. Hence, Converge ICT came up with Surf2Sawa.



Surf2Sawa offers fiber internet connection for as low as Php50 for an entire day of unlimited internet. You can also get 7 days of unlimited fiber access for Php200, 15 days for Php380, and 30 days for Php700. It can connect up to 6 gadgets.

The goal is to offer “sachet” or “tingi” fiber internet connectivity that will fit people’s budgets and needs while also helping generate more revenue for the company.

Demand for such service is clear as both Globe and PLDT are also preparing a similar offerings that are expected to come out this year.

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