The ePLDT Pilipinas Cloud has been launched with the goal of helping the government with its digitalization efforts.

As per the company, the PLDT “sovereign cloud” is a cloud-based infrastructure and service that can host “highly sensitive government data and applications in a trusted environment.” The ePLDT Pilipinas Cloud (ePPC) will be owned and operated by the PLDT subsidiary.

According to PLDT-Smart President and CEO and ePLDT chairman Al Panlilio, the launch affirms the company’s support for the government’s efforts towards digitalization and their commitment “to continuously power the digital future of the nation by providing the necessary infrastructure that enabled inclusive growth.”

PLDT said that a lot of countries have their own sovereign clouds that help government agencies store important and crucial data, and implement their own control and security in line with their respective domestic regulations.

ePLDT assures the people of their strict compliance with the data protection laws and regulations and that all sensitive data are stored and processed locally in a compliant and secure manner.

The cloud can not be accessed without the proper authorization, which is really important since it will contain classified information that relates to national security, the personal information of its people, and more — keeping them safe from foreign surveillance, cyber-attacks, or interception.

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