For five times in a row, Globe has been holding the title of the country’s “Most Reliable Mobile Network,” according to the industry leader in internet analysis and testing, Ookla.

Based on the Speedtest Intelligence data, it declared the mobile network provider as the winner, since bagging the same feat in Q2 2022 up to Q4 2022 and Q1 to Q2 2023.

With a rating of 83.64 percent on its Consistency Score, Globe had the highest score in the criterion, particularly in Q1-Q2 2023.

Adding to Globe’s remarkable feat is a reliability rating of 92.63 percent, based on two key metrics—All Technology Availability and All Technology Consistency.

Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu said that the mobile network provider’s reliability shows their relentless commitment to improving their network and services, to elevate the lives of Filipinos.

Cu also stressed that Globe is only among the few that were capable of achieving the feat.

To continue living up to its title and render better services in the future, the company exec said that they will keep on investing in essential infrastructure.

Globe’s network upgrade coincides with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals whose goal is to facilitate infrastructure and breakthroughs, which are seen as pivotal in the development and growth of the economy.

Established as true based on Ookla’s universally adopted methodologies, the detailed findings can be found via the Speedtest Intelligence Portal.

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