It’s October again, which means that it’s time for the Filipinos to get their hands on the newest iPhones

Back in September, the new iPhone XS and XS Max were introduced to the public. It may lack some visual changes, but Apple did a lot of improvements to the internal components.

One of the biggest improvements is seen in the processor department. The new iPhones now come with a faster A12 Bionic chip, which easily dominated the AnTuTu Benchmark rankings with a score of over 300,000.


The camera system has also been greatly improved, as well as their wireless modems. Apple also claims that despite the identical display features, the new iPhones provides way better colors and dynamic range.

Apple thinks that those upgrades are worth the price that they are asking. Just recently, the Cupertino-based company has finally revealed the official prices of the new iPhones in the Philippines.


Both the base model iPhone XS and XS Max are priced at Php67,990 and Php74,990, respectively. While the top-of-the-line variant, the iPhone XS Max with 512GB of storage, costs Php97,470.

So, if you don’t have the extra money for it, but still want to own any of the new iPhones, you might want to check out the iPhone XS and XS Max Smart Postpaid Plans.

iPhone XS and XS Max Smart Postpaid Plans

 Data for all apps and websitesData for video streamingAll-Net CallsAll-Net TextsData Rollover
GigaX Plan 9994.5GB10GB50 minutesUnlimitedYes
GigaX Plan 14995GB10GB60 minutesUnlimitedYes
GigaX Plan 19997GB10GB70 minutesUnlimitedYes
GigaX Plan 249912GB10GB80 minutesUnlimitedYes
GigaX Plan 299915GB10GB90 minutesUnlimitedYes

iPhone XS and XS Max Smart Postpaid Plans Cash-out

 iPhone Xs 64GBiPhone Xs 256GBiPhone Xs Max 64GBiPhone Xs Max 256GBiPhone Xs Max 512GB
GigaX Plan 999₱50,000₱59,500₱56,000₱65,500₱78,000
GigaX Plan 1499₱43,200 or ₱1,800/mo₱52,800 or ₱2,200/mo₱50,400 or ₱2,100/mo₱57,600 or ₱2,400/mo₱72,600 or ₱3,000/mo
GigaX Plan 1999₱36,000 or ₱1,500/mo₱45,600 or ₱1,900/mo₱43,200 or ₱1,800/mo₱52,800 or ₱2,200/mo₱64,800 or ₱2,700/mo
GigaX Plan 2499₱31,200 or ₱1,300/mo₱40,800 or ₱1,700/mo₱38,400 or ₱1,600/mo₱45,600 or ₱1,900/mo₱60,000 or ₱2,500/mo
GigaX Plan 2999₱26,400 or ₱1,100/mo₱33,600 or ₱1,400/mo₱31,200 or ₱1,300/mo₱40,800 or ₱1,700/mo₱52,800 or ₱2,200/mo

Each plan is subject to the standard 24-month lock-in period. The new iPhones are available starting October 26, with the pre-orders now ongoing through Smart’s online store.

But if none of these plans was able to meet your needs, you can also check Globe’s postpaid offerings for the new iPhone XS and XS Max.

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