PLDT, one of the Philippines’ biggest telecommunications companies, finally launched the Jupiter Cable System—significantly boosting the country’s international data capacity.

Invested in a lump sum of $136 million or Php7 billion, the trans-Pacific cable system spans 14,000 kilometers and links the telco’s cable landing station in Daet, Camarines Norte to Shima and Maruyama, Japan as well as Los Angeles, California.

While the large investment conspicuously enhances the country’s capacity for international data traffic, part also of the move is to elevate the nation’s digital infrastructure, which is said to be essential in fostering economic growth.

Per PLDT-Smart President and CEO Alfredo Panlilio, the Jupiter Cable System will increase PLDT’s international capacity by three folds to about 60 terabits per second, entrenching the company’s “lead in the industry” and bolstering “its commitment to driving the country’s digital capabilities forward.”

Panlilio elaborates by saying that, through the investment, the country will experience an exponential boost to its international capacity, maximize the global trade of digital services, and push the digital economy, all the while providing a faster and more reliable service to the Filipino consumers.

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