Smart announced a big update to its current Signature postpaid plans.

The Smart Signature Plans used to have varying allocations for all network calls. The Plan S 999 comes with 150 minutes per month, while the top-tier Plan XL 2999 has 350 minutes. Now, to make things simpler, it now has unlimited all network calls.


This new rule is applied on all tiers of Smart Signature Plans: Plan S, M, L, and XL.

Which means you don’t have to constantly worry about sudden bill surge every time you call a friend, family, client, or colleague that’s a Globe, TNT, or subscriber to any networks.

Other than that, everything is still the same. Each plan will still have varying data allocations — from 10GB to 60GB. They will also come with unlimited texts on all networks. You can check all Signature Plans and their inclusions here.

Moreover, the company also introduced the Signature Data Plans, which double the monthly data allocation and best paired with a Smart Bro LTE-A pocket WiFi if you plan on sharing data or using it for work or school.

You can also take advantage of the new Smart GigaPoints rewards program on Smart’s postpaid plans.

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